Yuen Heng, 31 March 2011

I am a 2nd year Business Studies student. I get to know about InnerTalk programs from a friend. After study about it, I decided to start with one CD.

Before using InnerTalk program, I often distracted in class, the teachings seems to have heard from one ear and out from the other, and remained with vague memory. Hence, I would have to spend more time than others for revision, so that I can catch up with my study.

Since I started using InnerTalk program – “Genius Power for few months, my concentration has improved. In the class, I can absorb better what the professor expressed and this save my time to review. My learning capability has improved and it is so much easier for my study now.

I am pleased to be able to use InnerTalk program, because it allows me to have a more effective and rapid way of learning. In future, I will get a few more titles for myself, and recommend this program to people around me.

Yuen Heng

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