Teh Saw Pheng, Penang, March 2016

In September 2014, I accidentally came across InnerTalk from Leo Bookstore in Penang. It is something new to me although it has been in Malaysia for quite some time already.

I bought Powerful Memory for my children and just for fun, Success & Prosperity for myself. To be honest, I was a little sceptical about its effectiveness but then I figured, no harm trying out. After all there were many testimonials.

And so, we played the CDs every day. Mine in my car and the children’s in the living room. After a few months, without knowing why, my sales suddenly shot up. I am in insurance by the way. I was already a better producing agent but this growth in business is unexpected.

Month after month, the sales kept on growing stronger and stronger until I started to qualify for many awards and conventions. Effectively, it is a 500% business growth!

The amazing thing is my activities are normal. The only difference is only that I become more focused. I have never felt this confident and amazing in my business before. I felt blessed and thankful to this InnerTalk programme.

As for my children, at first we could not really feel the difference. Then I added Accelerated Learning & Study. They complained about having the music on in the background but I persisted.  And slowly but surely, the results came in. All of them started to have flying colours in their school examinations. My No. 2 sat for PT3 and she got 9As! It is an amazing feat considering how tough PT3 is now. Her position in the whole form also rose phenomenally.

My other 2 younger kids also recorded amazing results with vast improvement in their school examinations.

We are now having fun with various InnerTalk CDs. It appears nothing is impossible anymore.

I wish to thank InnerTalk and Dr Eldon Taylor for creating such wonderful and simple to use programme.

March 2016

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