Ms. Shirley Fong, Alor Setar

I am a mother of 5 children. Last year, my second daughter had been diagnosed having Sensory Integration Dysfunction. She was 5 year-old then.

The psychologist advised us to give her physical therapy and massage on daily basis to stimulate her. This was quite hectic for me as I have another 3 children to take care of, and I was pregnant with my 5th child. Due to her movement disability, my daughter could not control her emotion and some body movements.

She constantly scratches uncontrollably until hurting her body. This also affects her learning. She could not concentrate and seemed like could not understand what I thought her. I almost gave up teaching her.

A friend told me about InnerTalk. I bought 2 CDs, namely “ADHD” and “Using Both Halves of the Brain”. I played these 2 CDs day and night, almost 20 over hours per day. I was surprised that within less than a month, my daughter’s emotion became stable; she did not scratch her body anymore.

My husband, who at first did not agree with InnerTalk method, was totally amazed. A few months later, I bought another 2 Chinese CDs, “Genius Power” and “Serenity” for all my children.

Since then, I have never stop playing InnerTalk CDs everyday (about a year now), I found that my youngest son (who is 2 year-old now) is very smart. He learns very fast. Her teachers comment that he learns things even faster that his older children. My husband and I are very happy with all these improvements.

I constantly share InnerTalk with friends and parents. Thank you InnerTalk!

Ms. Shirley Fong,
Alor Setar,

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