Mrs. Lam, Subang, July 2011

I bought “Using Both Halves of the Brain”, “Accelerated Learning & Study” and “I Can: Building a Child’s Esteem” for my two sons age 7 and 13 years old. As advised I play the CD’s systematically throughout the day and night even while they are sleeping.

One week later to my amazement my eldest son asked me to buy books for him to read and he is actually reading the books every day. Previously he has no interest in reading books at all. One day while driving home with my sons as usual we would talk and laugh throughout the journey, I was saying that there are so many humps we had to go over and my youngest son suddenly mentioned to me that we are passing through hump number 16 now. As I recounted back, he was right and what surprised me is that he wasn’t even paying attention to the humps –he is using his right brain!

Looks like the InnerTalk program is bringing positive changes to my sons.

Mrs Lam, Subang
July 2011

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