Mdm Goh, Singapore, April 2012

My grandson Nic (9 Year old) is diagnosed with dyslexia.  He is now primary 3, and his learning progress is much slower than his classmates.   In the school, he has to attend special intervention sessions with an allied educator twice every week.

Last year July, I got to know InnerTalk, and purchased the title “Dyslexia” for Nic. I started to play it every night while Nic was asleep. Within few days, a very noticeable difference I found was that Nic could be woken up much more easily. Previously, I always had difficulty getting Nic out of the bed every morning. In two months’ time, I found Nic to be more daring to stand in front of people to talk to them. Previously, he had been very shy and always hid behind me when faced with people.

I changed to playing the title “Using Both Halves of the Brain” in Jan this year, and have since started to play it every night. Nic likes it very much. However, the more immediate and direct impact of the CD is on me. I found that I could get to sleep much easily; it used to take me a while to get to sleep. However, with this CD playing, I now can fall asleep within 10 to 15 min.

Recently, the feedback I got from the allied educator in the school was that Nic is now more confident, and more daring to speak up.  His interaction with his classmates has improved. He even spoke about his ambition like wanting to become a doctor. This is something that he would not have done previously. His memory improved too.

Although there is still a gap in Nic’s learning progress for his level, such changes are good signs. I would like to thank the school’s allied educator. I also send Nic to external special need learning centre (twice a week).  Plus playing InnerTalk every day, all these have helped Nic. The greatest advantage of InnerTalk is that the programs can be played every day.

Recently, InnerTalk consultant suggested to me to play both CD titles to Nic. The “Dyslexia” title can be played from dinner to bed time while Nic is having dinner, watching TV or doing his homework; and “Using Both Halves of the Brain” continues to be played while Nic is asleep. I look forward to further progress in my grandson. This will take time.

Mdm Goh
April 2012

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