Lee Kin Hong, Subang, April 2013

I am a tuition teacher. Last year, I was participating in various marathons organized in various places nationwide. I used to admire how those participants can accomplish such a tough game. However, I took up the courage to take part. I practiced myself and I have been listening to InnerTalk “Miracle Mindedness” every day throughout the night for a few months. My first run was the 21km KL Half Marathon in June 2012 and I managed to finish in 2hr07m, 436 out of 3 to 4 thousand participants. I was surprised with my first achievement. I did not noticed my InnerTalk CD was helping me in gaining strong belief in the game, until I took part in several following half marathons where I achieved better results and my best time was 1hr56m in PJ Half Marathon. My most unforgettable run was the Penang Bridge 42km Full Marathon in Nov 2012 where I clocked 4hr42m, 189 out of nearly 2,000 participants. In fact, many people gave up half way especially from the 30th km onward. I strongly believe that InnerTalk program has been subtly building my positive beliefs in this game and I feel so proud that I can accomplish something which I think is impossible. I have been recommending my students to use InnerTalk program to help in their studies.

Lee Kin Hong
Apr 2013

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