DVD111 Cardiac Care Recovery

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Cardiac Care Recovery

DVD111 Cardiac Care Recovery

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This video was developed originally for those recovering from open heart surgery. It is designed to take one to a deep and profound state of relaxation, a place without fear and pain. It is free to hospitals with cardiac care units. Using light and sound, tones, frequencies, music and a veritable kaleidoscope of color and geometry, it simply alters brain wave activity. The result is a state that is associated with an increase in the body's own healing powers including the increased release of endorphins, the body's natural opiate. Fears and worries just seem to dissipate away. A confident and more optimistic mental state replaces pain loop anticipation and fear. If you are not in a hospital and can not afford this program, drop us a note and say so. We will ship it to you at no charge.

Sample thought modification messages in this product:
I breathe deeply. I inhale through my nose. I exhale through my mouth. I relax. I remain relaxed. I remain calm. I remain composed. I am okay. I am in control. I choose peaceful thoughts. I think of joyful experiences. I think of tranquil times. I enjoy quiet. I am happy. I am whole. I am sufficient. I am worry free. I am stress free. I love life. I love living. Life is a miracle. Living is wonderful. I see good in all. I sense beauty in all. I laugh. I expect good. I expect health. I respond calmly to stimuli. My body is perfect. My blood pressure is normal. I enjoy myself. My blood pressure is healthy. My systolic blood pressure is normal. My diastolic blood pressure is normal. I visualize perfect health. My cardiovascular system is healthy. I am healthy. I expect the best. I am positive. I control my internal environment. I talk slowly. I pause when speaking. I breathe properly. I breathe regularly. I breathe rhythmically.