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This Powerful Subconscious Mind Tool Will Change Your Life Forever As It Did To Millions of Satisfied Users Worldwide
Health, wealth, success & happiness are easily within your reach with the patented & scientifically proven InnerTalk technology - Empowering you to realize your full potential.InnerTalk® is designed with our customers in mind. There are more than 400 titles for your selection! Please click below on the technology that you like to use for a change or improvement:


InnerTalk® Easy Listening (潜意识沟通)

  英文主题  中文主题 马来文主题  (新)电话程序代码


InnerTalk® Headphones Programs 双层沟通: 意识+潜意识



  Power Imaging™


 Platinum Plus™


InnerTalk® Video Entrainment™ / DVD 视觉潜意识沟通

             Video Entrainment™
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InnerTalk® Special Collections 特别精装配套

   Power Sets

Self-Hypnosis Training 

    3 CDs Series

   4 CDs Series

Family Pack



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