Goh Li Ling Kuala Lumpur

I am an investment consultant. I have heard of InnerTalk for a long time, but have not taking any action to try it. In September this year, I finally decided to buy the program together with a friend.

I bought “Using Both Halves of the Brain”, “Respect & Good Manners”, “Success & Prosperity”, “Ultra Prosperity” and “Intuition”, and started playing them everyday.

Just after 2 weeks of playing the programs, I realized that my intuition is getting better and accurate. This helps me a lot in my daily life, especially in my career as it allows me to produce better returns for my clients’ investments.

I used to be hot temper, I have stage fright, and afraid to reject other people’s requests. Since the using InnerTalk, I have the courage to speak on stage, and dare to say “NO”. I find that I am more calm and composed now. I even noticed changes in my children. They are getting more obedient and well-behaved.

Thanks to InnerTalk, I’ll continue using the programs to realize my highest potential.

Goh Li Ling
Kuala Lumpur

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