The Missing Element

But why do we even need this InnerTalk® technology? There are so many other self help methods out there, ranging from lectures, seminars and training courses to music and exercise. None of them, however, deal with the real “you.” The “you” inside that somehow doubts your own ability to do something, or questions your right to be successful, maybe believes that prosperity is a bad thing and on and on. We have all read wonderfully inspirational books, or attended some amazing seminar, or learned some wonderful new technique. At the end of the seminar, or book or whatever, we vow that we will make some changes and thereby be able to hold onto this new “me” who is capable of achieving so much more. And some of us do put these things into practice, least for a while. But somehow, the old habits come back into play for the best of reasons. We don’t have the time to do it, it is not our fault, and there are too many other competing demands on our time. But the best excuses in the world will not help us achieve our real goals. Unfortunately there is an aspect within each of us that seems to like sabotaging our best efforts, some element deep within that really believes that there is nothing we can do to improve our lives anyway, so why bother. Maybe somewhere deep within we also believe that we deserve all the problems we have. This is the very inner talk that our InnerTalk® technology addresses. The very inner talk that is born from our upbringing, our histories, our successes and failures, the beliefs of our friends and family and very often from our own misconceptions about why we are treated in certain ways, or why certain things happen to us. For some of us, this inner talk really can be an expression of our worst opinion about ourselves and the world around us. For most of us, it is not quite that bad, but surely anything that gets in the way of us expressing our greatest potential should be dealt with.

Simply telling yourself that you are good, brilliant, capable, a genius etc. simply does not do it. Think about it. What was your inner talk saying to you as you read that statement? A common response often says “yeah, yeah, who are you trying to kid, I am just little old me, I cannot do great things.” That is not to say that there is not a time and place for verbal affirmations, only that there is a component missing. The very same component that is missing from the very best of self help books and techniques – the element known as true self belief.

InnerTalk® has been created as a personal coaching method for you to practice positive self talk in such a way that the aspect of you that sabotages your best efforts cannot argue against it. The affirmations appear to be coming from within you; they become a natural part of your own self talk. InnerTalk® programs are relatively easy to use. In most instances you simply put them on and play them in the background as you go about your day. You may be aware of soft speech in the background, but most of the time you will not hear the actual affirmations, although occasionally some of them may sound more obvious.

InnerTalk® is perfect for use on its own or as a complement to any other self-help technique. Simply decide what it is you wish to achieve and find the title with the appropriate affirmations to help you achieve your goal. If you have read a book such as Think And Grow Rich and want to put the principles into practice, then work with CD146 Millionaire Orbit. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to stick to your new resolutions. Regardless of which self help approach you like to use, using complementary InnerTalk® programs will make it exponentially more powerful.

But back to the original question – will InnerTalk® make us “perfect.” The answer to that can best be answered by the question “How high is up?” Most people on the path for self improvement find that while they begin with one specific goal, when that goal has been achieved there is yet another goal to achieve. We have customers who have been with us ever since we started producing the patented Whole Brain InnerTalk® programs. They all say that InnerTalk® has improved the quality of their lives, improved it immensely, but that just makes the whole journey of self-actualization even more fun!

Thank you and enjoy!

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