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InnerTalk® Subliminal / Easy-Listening

Whole Brain® InnerTalk® audio and video programs feature pleasant, easy-listening music or nature sounds that are specially mixed with positive background affirmations on the chosen self-help topic. InnerTalk® audio programs are extremely easy to use. They are played in the background on any regular stereo CD player while the user is working, driving, relaxing, reading, playing sports, even sleeping or watching TV. They can also be used with a personal CD player (discman) while jogging, bike riding or any other activity. No conscious thought or effort is required to produce dramatic, positive and automatic results. InnerTalk® programs may appear to work like magic, but they’re based on new scientific discoveries about how we learn and process information – and how this affects our everyday life. InnerTalk® programs tap into our natural human ability to absorb information even when we’re not thinking about it. On the surface, the programs sound like any other easy-listening music or nature programs you may have heard… but there is a powerful difference. Carefully blended in the background are dynamic affirmations such as “I feel good,” “I am successful,” etc., that make long-lasting, positive impressions. While the conscious mind enjoys the pleasant music or nature sounds, the subconscious mind recognizes and receives the powerful, life-changing affirmations. Results can often be noticed in as little as a few days to a few weeks. InnerTalk® technology is so powerful it’s patented with the U.S. Government, backed by independent studies at leading universities, and proven effective by the hundreds of thousands of satisfied users around the world. All programs come with a list of the recorded affirmations. We recommend you review this list once a week or so to monitor your progress.

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Brain Entrainment Technologies

Use tones and frequencies to help you to relax by altering brain wave activity and thereby increase your ability to absorb the affirmations. The programs should generally be used with headphones, when conscious attention is not required. They require time out use and must never be used when driving or operating machinery. Brain Entrainment programs do generally give you a “right now” kind of effect but they should only be used once or twice a day. Our Brain Entrainment series of programs include, Power Imaging™, Platinum Plus™, OZO™, Echo-Tech™, Power Sets and Video Entrainment™.

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Power ImagingTM / Hypnosis

Power Imaging™ is a very special guided imagery program. It is assumed that there is a reason why you have not been as successful in the past as you would like to be. It helps you discover the reasons behind your behavior and once you know that, success is much easier to achieve. Power Imaging programs should be used with headphones and require you to take time out, close your eyes and put your feet up. Power Imaging™ programs should not be used when conscious attention is required like while driving a vehicle or operating machinery.

What You Can Picture With Your Mind, You Can Make a Reality

Imagine creativity, new ideas, solutions and expression flowing from you. Imagine being free forever from the temptation to smoke or eat improperly. Imagine never again feeling inadequate or undeserving. Imagine being filled with boundless energy, no longer restricted in mind and body by tension and anxiety. Imagining – that’s the miracle that unlocks the doors to achieving all you want to be. Power Imaging™ is the key.

The Power of Visualization

As amazing as it seems, your subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between an actual event and a vividly imagined one. It is medically and scientifically recognized that visualized images actually bring about virtually the same psychological and physiological changes as direct experience. Visualization is now being used in numerous medical applications, as well as to accelerate learning, to improve athletic performance, to promote successful career achievement, and in almost every area of human potential.

Enter a State of Deep Relaxation

Power Imaging™ guides you into a state of deep relaxation called “Alpha consciousness,” in which your mind is open and receptive to suggestion. In this state, the positive self-images and goals you visualize – whether to let go of anxiety and stress – or, to see yourself slender, confident, or successful – are programmed into your subconscious mind. The changes you desire begin to unfold in your life without conscious effort. After each session, you feel relaxed and renewed, as if you have been on a mini-vacation.

Each of the Power Imaging™ programs combine discussion with guided visualizations, music and InnerTalk® messages.

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Power Sets

Our two CDs Power Sets include one headphone only CD (CD 1) using tones and frequencies together with fully audible verbal coaching (as with OZOTM and Echo-TechTM) and one InnerTalk® CD (CD 2) using a nature soundtrack. Power Sets get you started with that right now “I feel it” response from using tape 1 and back it up with our patented and proven thought modification technology to reinforce and sustain the change.

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Platinum PlusTM

Our Platinum PlusTM audio programs are designed for headphone only use. They have been called a shortcut to the years and years of training normally required in order to obtain states associated with advance meditation. They are an experience that will take you to new insights and adventures within. Platinum PlusTM includes the best of the best of cutting edge tools. As a quick overview, this series incorporates the following:

1. The proven Whole Brain® InnerTalk® patented method to insure the best results, plus:

2. New PHI ratio generated sound signature to facilitate coherent emotional and brain states. (Recursive Golden Mean geometry).

3. Patterned mantra intonations to assist in producing a peaceful state of relaxation and balance. (Ayurvedic addition).

4. Neuro matrix sound patterns to entrain brain wave activity bringing it within the optimal learning range. (Alpha brain wave pattern).

5. Direct pathway commands: “I can,” “I am,” “I will,” “I choose,” “I have,” “I love,” “I create,” “I enjoy.”

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DVD / Video Entrainment

Our Video EntrainmentTM programs have been described as “an experience that is indescribable.” They have also been referred to as “a technology so advanced that its power may not be comprehended even by those that use and love them.” Eldon Taylor simply describes the video series as “a right use of light and sound.” This technology will simply mesmerize you while filling you with a strong sense of well being. You will not only enter an altered state of brain wave activity, but find yourself so relaxed, at ease and comfortable, that it may be how you both start and end every day.

Special note: The video titled “DVD111 Cardiac Care & Recovery” was developed by Eldon for patients who were recovering from open heart surgery.

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