A Beginner’s Guide

We receive many calls from customers anxious to try out our program but unsure as to where they should start. We are often asked if there is a certain order in which they should be working with the programs. After being in the business for over twenty years, our product line has become very extensive and while this is a good thing, for some people the choice can be a little overwhelming. Especially when some of the titles, e.g. Weight Loss, come in a number of different formats, such as OZO™, Echo-Tech™, Power Imaging™ and Video Entrainment™.

The beauty of InnerTalk® is that there is no set course; you may start with whichever program you wish. Most people come to us looking for a solution to one specific problem. They choose a program, find it successful and then start thinking about whatever other areas they could work on. When you are new to our technology, it is reassuring to see/feel the results so quickly.

Choose a title
If you are just starting with our programs then, our suggestion is that you choose a title that is very significant to you. You should think carefully about exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve and what would be involved in achieving it. Comparing the sample affirmations can be very helpful. Which set of affirmations most fit the goal you are trying to achieve?

Choose a technology / formats
Once you have chosen a title, you then need to decide how you will be working with the programs. Do you want a program that you can simply play in the background, or would you prefer a program whereby you put on headphones and take a “trip.” The key to your success is to play the programs regularly. InnerTalk® can simply be played in the background 24 hours a day if you wish, whereas OZO™, Echo-Tech™, Power Imaging™ and Platinum Plus™ all require headphones and focused attention.

OZO™ is very forceful and is perfect for the highly competitive personality such as athletes or high performance business people, whereas Echo-Tech™ is very gentle and soothing and is enjoyed by everyone. If your personality type is such that you do not like being told what to do, then we strongly advise against the OZO™ programs. Power Imaging™ utilizes a guided imagery scenario and assumes there is a reason you have not achieved your goal. Power Imaging™ helps you discover this reason and helps you to deal with it. Platinum Plus™ incorporates the leading edge of sound technologies, sound patterns, tones, frequencies and on and on! Platinum Plus™ does not have an audible voice component to it. Video Entrainment™ use geometric visual patterns to produce a dramatic response. All of our programs utilize the patented and proven Whole Brain® InnerTalk® technology.

Although the headphone programs will make you feel different immediately, it is not possible to say that this makes them more powerful than the InnerTalk® programs. InnerTalk® can be played 24 hours a day whereas the headphone programs can only be played once or twice a day. While the effects of the headphone programs can be felt for sometime after using them, the difference in effect is nonexistent after 30 days of use and therefore it really is a matter of how one prefers to use our programs. The fastest results are sometimes obtained by using a combination of headphone and InnerTalk® programs. For this reason, we do offer a number of Power Sets which provide both a headphone program and an InnerTalk® program. These Power Set are offered for both CDs and audio tapes and are offered at a reduced price. We have also put together some collections bringing together similar titles across several different technologies. There can be times that having a number of different approaches to one goal can be beneficial. Our four program sets generally bring together InnerTalk®, OZO™, Power Imaging™ and Echo-Tech™. Here the idea is to play the InnerTalk® program as much as possible and then play a headphone program once or twice a day, choosing whichever headphone program feels the most appropriate for the moment. The key is simply to decide how much time you wish to dedicate to achieving your goal and which approach suits your life style the best. Do not buy a program if you do not have time to use it.

Choose a Soundtrack
Simply decide if you would prefer the music or the nature soundtracks, if selecting an InnerTalk® program. Remember, the nature format is not only for night time use, it can also be played during the day while you watch television, play your own music or any other time that music would be too intrusive. Also remember, that you do not need to turn the volume up on our InnerTalk® programs for them to be effective. No concentrated effort is required. Simply play them in the background as you go about your day or all night long while you sleep. Most CDs can be purchased as two CD sets, incorporating both the music and nature formats. These two CD sets are generally offered at a reduced price.

Most InnerTalk® programs are available in both music and nature, although there are some exceptions to this. OZO™, Echo-Tech™, Power Imaging™, Platinum Plus™ and Video Entrainment™ are only available for a few selected titles.

If you could not decide what title(s) is suitable for you or your family, you may call our InnerTalk® consultants at 03-7729 4745 or email us at enquiry@innertalk.com.my. We are more than happy to serve you. Thank you!

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