Rayne L Moiselle, 8th October 2013

9th October 2013

Practice make perfect, in our daily life human being started to work on their repeated routine.
The power of getting a new energy source need to have courage, a clear mindset, changes, complete daily practice, and also self esteem.
I tried … Continue reading

Jenny Yeo, Sept 2013

19th September 2013

My husband was diagnosed with cancer at year 2009, so my friend gifted us an InnerTalk program named “Cancer Remission”. Every day I will repeat playing the CD, and I even took it to the hospital and played for my husband when he … Continue reading

Evelyn& GK Kang, Alor Setar, 12/06/13

14th June 2013

About 2 years ago, my husband and I came across InnerTalk at a bookfair in Alor Setar. We heard about InnerTalk before, so we bought a few CDs for ourselves & children to try out. I was particularly surprised with … Continue reading

Lee Kin Hong, Subang, April 2013

30th April 2013

I am a tuition teacher. Last year, I was participating in various marathons organized in various places nationwide. I used to admire how those participants can accomplish such a tough game. However, I took up the courage to take part. … Continue reading

Lee Hui Ling, 23/04/13

25th April 2013

My husband & I started an organic business a few years ago, my increasing work load caused me a great deal of stress. I could not sleep well at night and this persisted for about 5 years. It took me … Continue reading

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