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Dennis Victor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 28th Dec. 2005
Ever since I started using the InnerTalk CDs especially the ‘Soaring Self-Esteem’, I feel more calm, confident and at peace with myself and others. I had also noticed a more positive outlook at life especially in my relationship with people around me.

I believe the InnerTalk CD’s have had an encouraging effect in my life.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
28th Dec. 2005.

Mohd. Yusof Omar, Kuala Lumpur, 22 Dec 05
My job is very hectic and gets stressed up. I usually get angry very fast when I go home. The victims are my wife and children. After attending the “Change Without Thinking” conference on 1st of Dec at PWTC, I hear to the “Forgiving & Letting Go” CD. After one week, my wife commented that I’m less angry and more calm when at home. I feel very relief when I can control my emotion especially my anger to my families.
I’m now very grateful to God for giving me everything that I have in life.

Thank you to Dr Eldon Taylor and your company for introducing this excellent tool in Malaysia.

Mohd. Yusof Omar,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
22 Dec 2005

Madam Christine Chong, Raub, Pahang, Malaysia, 20 December 2005
I thank Dr. Taylor’s InnerTalk programs, that my husband is now able to relax and have good sleep

Madam Christine Chong,

Raub, Pahang, Malaysia
20 December 2005

Madam Everlyn Tan, Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 20 December 2005
My younger son often came home with grades in red colour. He was not serious in his studies, but I am aware that he can do much better. Both my husband and I decided to let him try InnerTalk learning programs “Excel in Exams”, “Powerful Memory” and “Concentration”. He played these CDs daily and to our amazement his academic results improved over the last 12 months and he even scored 5As for his school trial exams and is confident he has done well in his 2005 SPM exams. My son has even improved his writing skills which we would have thought impossible. I am most impressed with the power of the InnerTalk programs. Thank you Dr. Eldon Taylor.

Madam Everlyn Tan,
Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
20 December 2005

Andy, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 16 December 2005
I’ve been using InnerTalk programs and since then I am able to enjoy greater sense of peace and harmony and able to concentrate very well. I thank Dr. Taylor and his technology.

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
16 December 2005

Ranjit Singh, Kuala Lumpur, 27 Nov 2005
“The first time I invested in the InnerTalk CDs I was a bit skeptical. I just went ahead and told my self to give it a try . After continuously playing the CDs, I can see and feel the changes that are happening around me.

I found myself being more confident, having the ability to make the decisions more constructively,and more positive vibes that circulate around my environment.

The effect is more apparent towards my daughter. She has matured faster and showing signs of vast developmental skills compared to her peers. She can imitate verbal sounds by just listening to the first cue. Although she is just 13 months old she behaves very much like a young adult. Overall after 5 months listening to the CDs I must say there is indeed a positive improvement in our lives.”

Thank you,

Kuala Lumpur

Mr Ramachandran, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (March 2005)
I am an arthritic for 23 years. Since I started using the InnerTalk programme, the swellings in my hand and feet have subsided and significant improvement in my general health. I also use “Freedom from Backache” whenever there is a need, and it works very well. Thank you Dr. Eldon Taylor for your great contribution to society.
Miss Ng Joon Theen, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia (currently studying in New York) March 2005
I am a pre-nurse student, so naturally I have to take many Biology classes which memorization is a must. I have a good memory myself but after listening to InnerTalk CD on “Powerful memory”, it becomes a lot easier and I can memorize without effort. My Microbiology exam makes me realize how amazing it is. I was playing the CD on and on while I’m studying for the exam. I did not have enough time to really prepare and study for that exam, so I read through all the lecture notes for only once. When I went in to take my exam, I wasn’t sure that I can do it well because there are so many new terms and the scientific names for different bacteria & microorganisms. But later, I was so surprised how easily I recalled the information and I did very well on that exam – 95%. From that day onward, I will play the CD whenever I study.

I have acne problem since I was 13 and I was being told by my mother that they will eventually gone when I grow up but I’m 25 now, it just never did. I had tried almost everything that I could, from the bestseller skincare products to different kinds of dietary supplements in the market, even the best herbalist. They help a little at the beginning but later it comes back again. My skin got worse these years with busy schedule in the university and works make it impossible for me to relax, and it worsen the breakouts. I realize it’s something inside that I have to change. Just when I’m about to try some hormonal pill, I heard about InnerTalk program. Only after 3 days of listening to the CD, I feel my skin become softer and calm. My dull skin is recovering and glowing. My friends notice that too. I notice that even if I have the pimples on my face, it will recover really fast which is very unusual. Now, I play it every night before I go to bed and while I’m sleeping. My skin is now in control, even when I’m stress with exams. I am so happy! Thank you InnerTalk.

Madam Poon Lai See, Senai, Johor , Malaysia
“My son has tried Dr. Taylor’s Whole Brian® InnerTalk® program ‘Learning for the Examinations’ that includes Advanced Memory Skill, Concentration and Accelerated Learning. He said now he could concentrate better and he can even remember the things that the school teachers taught. He was a skeptic initially but now a believer. He even tried the ‘Stress Free’ program and he loved it so much that he related that the program really let free from all stress and he even asked me to try it myself. I too agree that the program really shows much improvement in my stress. The ‘Sleep Soundly’ program is also great as both my little daughter and I could sleep through the night now. I really thank Dr. Taylor for his great work for producing such programs.”
Mary Stapleton MGCP Natural Healing Practitioner, Peterborough (UK)
Mary Stapleton MGCP Natural Healing Practitioner, Peterborough, 01733-391096
“I have been a Natural healing Practitioner for about 10 years. I sepecialise in Clinical reflexology and have a private practice in Peterborough. I also have a clinic in a nearby National Health Centre where I find I reach a different sort of patient, one who probably would dismiss my practice but because the GP has referred them it is OK. This is great and I welcome the challenge.I heard about InnerTalk last year and as I realise the mind is mighty powerful having worked with people who actually don’t want to get well, thought this could be the answer to many of my patients problems.I bought the “Freedom from fears” programme and can quite safely say that it was fantastic. I can say what I feel quite comfortably and not feel that someone isn’t going to like me for what I’ve said or something is going to go terribly wrong because I have expressed my opinion. So, I now recommend InnerTalk CDs where appropriate to my patients, some have had fantastic, life changing results. I have had no negative results whatsoever. One of my patients describes it as (to quote) “This CD has had an amazing effect on my life. It is the only thing after 18months of counselling that has actually had a dramatic impact on me and was easy”. I play the Accelerated Healing and Well Being CD during therapy sessions and find it to be most beneficial to my patients. This is all I need, to know that something has touched that person and is helping them sort themselves out and to kick-start the body’s own healing process. Amazing.”
Jane Bannister, B.A, DCH (UK)
Jane Bannister, B.A, DCH is a clinical hypnotherapist who lectures and runs courses in Europe and Asia.
“Thirty years ago a hypnotist saved my sanity when I was in the grip of an eating disorder. I was so fascinated by the treatment that I became a therapist. I love working with anorexics and bulimics and I am very proud of the fact that the techniques I use have saved many lives.
I work with many other conditions such as stress and phobias and I am a complete hypnosis ‘anorac’. My four bedroomed houseis just about big enough to hold my obsessive collection of hypnosis books and tapes. When InnerTalk started distributing Eldon Taylor’s CDs into the UK last year, they told me I was only their second customer…who beat me to them?
I had read about Dr Taylor’s revolutionary technology, which vastly improves subliminal recordings, in magazines from America. So when I got the chance to try them out in the UK I was there on the first day in Manchester’s Healing Arts Festival with trembling hand and credit card.
InnerTalk CDs seem to me, after a year of using them on myself and clients, to be infinitely superior to those recorded with older technologies. Dr Taylor’s CD on Eating Disorders has been a superb back-up for clients of mine who have finished therapy and are living successful lives in Switzerland, France and India. For myself I love the ‘Money Management’ CD which emboldened me to confront my building society after they had ripped me off, and I got over £3000 restored to me. Not bad for a few listenings to restful music! I love Sleep Soundly for those post-menopausal lying awake hours when the hormones that once made sleep easy have withered away. Half an hour of nature sounds playing in the background while I read a magazine in the dead hours of the night, and I am sound asleep again until dawn.
I don’t bother to listen to any of my old collection of pre Dr Taylor subliminals any more. If I could give over my sentimental attachment to them, I might one day clear them out and have three spare bedrooms of new wardrobe space.”
Hilary Barrington-Mitchell, C.M.H. C.Hyp. MPNLP L.C.Stockwood, Worcestershire (UK)
Hilary Barrington-Mitchell, C.M.H. C.Hyp. MPNLP L.C.Stockwood, Worcestershire Tel: 01386 792824
Did you know that hypnosis is increasingly being used to treat a wide range of problems for which conventional medicine alone is not the answer? In fact, hypnotheraphy is enjoying an ever increasing recognition among the established medical profession and many doctors are referring their patients to a trained therapist for treatment. Whilst it can be applied successfully to a very wide range of problems, hypnotherapy is perhaps best employed to treat conditions such as phobias, chronic pain and feelings such as stress, anxiety and panic attacks.
As a qualified psychotherapist, Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and stress consultant, I have been using hypnotherapy in both my own practice and my work with occupational health specialists, the PTH group Ltd, working alongside consultants, doctors, nurses and fellow complementary therapists at PTH’s new, purpose-built therapy centre, “Waterside” near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. I see clients with conditions ranging from post-traumatic stress to chronic pain.
For many of my clients I have found that InnerTalk CDs, with their special blend of music, sound and subliminal content, provide invaluable support following treatment or between therapy sessions. The results have been astounding. In particular, the free CDs to deal with cancer, loss of a loved one and forgiving and letting go. In every case I have called on these products, there has been a definite and positive feedback.
Debbie Lawrence
U.S.A Olympian
“I absolutely love the OZO experience! It is the quickest, easiest, most effective sports psychology tool I have ever used. Eldon Taylor, thank you for talking to my mind in a way that has convinced me that I am a champion. These tapes worked prior to the 1996 Olympic Games and they will get me to Sydney 2000!
Gina Sell, Norwich (UK)
“I guess I have always been quite sceptical of things that sound to good to be true and it was only through real desperation because of my ever advancing wedding that I tried the InnerTalk Weight Loss CD.
I was given the contraception injection about six months before my wedding and found me weight began to increase. My appetite had changed and I seemed to want to eat more and more. It seemed that’s all I could think about. I couldn’t get to grips with it and I was having nightmare visions of my wedding day, which was becoming ever closer. I decided to try the InnerTalk CD which my brother who is in the health industry told me about. I was very unsure at first but as it was a relatively cheap option, and required very little effort, I decided it couldn’t really hurt to give it a go.
After a few days of listening for an hour or so to my CD my cravings vanished and I had a more positive feeling towards exercise. By the time my wedding day came my weight was perfect and I looked and felt great.

After the wedding and honeymoon was over I decided to try and give up smoking. I have tried to stop on many occasions but I have never succeeded. I think it was because I never truly wanted to stop. It was my husband who wanted me to. I enjoyed the social aspect of smoking too much. Many of my friends and work colleagues smoke so it had been really difficult to quit. I decided to try the Stop Smoking CD and I listened to it for half an hour to work in my car and half an hour on the way back. To my amazement I found on the second day I could manage without a cigarette. My head was confused and sometimes it felt like I had two voices one saying you want a cigarette and one saying yuck cigarettes!, but this passed after just a few days and now I have quit.

The cravings have passed and I feel happier and healthier. I’m no longer a smoker and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I now say no to cigarettes when offered almost on a daily basis and I get a real buzz from saying ‘no thanks’ I think I was successful because the CD’s were easy to use with very little effort required from me. Most importantly I didn’t have to consciously try to focus my willpower to stop smoking or stop eating large amounts. I didn’t get bored as I have done with traditional weight loss or stop smoking methods, and for me the results were very quick.”

Mrs Karen Mannering, Kent (UK)
“I had to write to tell you about my daughter’s success. My daughter, Georgia, is dyslexic and, although we believe in her capabilities, she was not thought sufficiently academic by her school to pass her 11+ exam. As she dearly wanted to go to grammar school, we decided to use every method in our power to enable her to pass.
As a family we are committed to different approaches to learning and recognize the ability of the subconscious to promote learning and memory. When I saw a feature on InnerTalk products in a national newspaper I contacted you immediately. It was just six weeks before her exam, and you promised to rush your product through to me, which you duly did. We played the CD Learning for Examinations every night while she slept, and the result is that she has amazed everyone by not only passing but also with above average marks. There is no doubt in my mind that your product played a significant part in this.
I would just like to say a big thank you”
Doreen Fell, Wrexham
“Thank you for so much for the help you’ve been. A really big hug for you kindness then I telephone, you are very good at coping with my anxiety and extracting the questions that enable you to make suggestions. The Powerful Memory CD is so very good, despite not managing to listen for the recommended time it is having an effect. A number of times in the past few days I have found lost items that have defied being found (eg) emptied cupboards, drawers, coat pockets, still remaining lost. Suddenly they have been discovered exactly where my inner mind reminded me where I had put them. I was truly amazed, and each time this happened I have thanks to the CD and ‘the team’ at InnerTalk and most importantly my inner mind.”
Nadia Bazkorvany, Richmond
“I know I am going to have a better year, because since discovering InnerTalk programs, my state of mind has improved no end! End Procrastination – I love it! It’s really fantastic, and so powerful! I’m using InnerTalk and OZO and they are both powerful to me. It seems that within a few minutes of playing this CD, I really want to get on and do things…amazing! I have benefited considerably from “Safe Driving”, I am more aware, I’m still learning, and I suppose you can never be too aware on the road. I am generally enjoying driving a lot more than before I had this CD, and am gradually gaining confidence behind the wheel.
Chrissie Perry
” I’m writing to tell you how absolutely delighted I am with the results I’ve had from “Sleep Soundly” CD. For the last nine years I’ve slept approx. two to three hours a night, after five weeks of using the CD for one hour per day, I was sleeping from ten till seven!!!! I have to say I was skeptical as to whether it would work, (my husband was totally skeptical) I first read about InnerTalk in The Daily Mail, and decided to give it a try. I’m so pleased I did. I now play the CD softly through the night, a couple of times a week.
Thank you so much, I can’t tell you the difference it has made to my life to be able to sleep well again.”
Shazzie –
“I noticed a difference in three days. I was chattering away to myself in that usual “am I good enough?” way, and this booming voice came into my head and in no uncertain terms told me I was! Well, that made my chatter-voice shut up!
Gary Wilson
I am a success story. I ran across an OZO tape way back in 1993. OZO CONFIDENCE tape# ISBN 1-55978-289-7. This tape changed my life! I’d tried other tapes etc. and nothing worked like this one.

I was a struggling comedian back then and I began listening to the tape a few times a week. the tape made me so confident that I became unstoppable! I went on to work the best clubs all over America. In 1997 I ended up in Hollywood where I became a television writer. I went on to become an award winning television comedy writer. I think the most useful elements of the program were the parts that said I deserved success.

Most recently I’ve become a T.V. Producer, selling and producing my very own show! The OZO tape made me believe whole-heartedly that I could do anything I wanted. And as it turns out that’s what it takes to do just that….just believe it.

So thank you! Whoever researched and developed this technology should be awarded the Noble Prize!!!!

Now to my questions: Is that exact tape referenced above available on CD?

Mr. & Mrs. Rozenek
Subject: Impulse Control!
My husband and I have a child that is ADHD/ODD and were virtually at the end of our rope about 6 weeks ago. We were just about willing to try anything to fix the problems we were having with him, when my husband came across your website. We discussed it and decided to order your Impulse Control and Respect & Good Manners CD’s.

We received our CD’s on Sunday, Oct. 24th and played Impulse Control for about 1/2 an hour before going to the grocery store. While at the store, something happened that had never happened before!!!! Our son…..stopped and thought about what it was he was asking for and then, of his own accord, decided that it was too expensive and put it back to look for something a bit less costly! (Wow…was that our son?)

A bit of background before I go on to the rest – We, as I’d stated above had been having severe trouble with our son….he had been kicked out of school or in ISS for most of the prior two months!! – Now on to the good stuff -

We continued to play Impulse Control everyday in the background throughout the entire house. (We told him it was the ocean and that we liked it because it reminded us of our honeymoon when he asked why we kept playing it!)

That Monday, and every day since, his teacher has had nothing but wonderful comments in his assignment book, he has turned in all his homework, and has even stopped arguing with us at home when we ask him to do things. He has even stopped lying to us when he does do something wrong. (mind you the things he does wrong are quite minor now!!)

We just thought that we should write to you and let you know what a difference it has made! We are very impressed and will most likely be purchasing many more of your CD’s in the future!! (some for us I think hehe)

Thank you so much!!!

The proud parents of the most improved student at Hope Academies Canton, Oh for the last grading period!!

Carletta Hodges,RN
Subject: Re: InnerTalk InTouch News
Hello Inner Talk, My name is Carletta R.

Hodges. I am a Registered Nurse with Multiple Sclerosis. I have been a patient of Dr.Cristian Enescu about three months after my diagnosis in 2002. Initially, when the doctor suggested Inner Talk to me, I was skeptical.However, during my first meeting with him, I was instructed to examine my way of thinking AND believ- ing. He has posted in the exam room this profound notion: “EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY I AM GETTING BETTER AND BETTER” I truly DO believe this and I also have it displayed throughout my home in subtle areas as a reminder !!

I even laminated a 3×5 file card and hung it in my car.

Dr. Enescu also suggested I obtain a tape or two from Eldon “The healer within. powerful immune system” to name a few. He also reminded me that in order to lose weight,I needed to change what I was putting in my mouth. Well. to make a long story short, I have ordered many more self-helpers from INNER TALK, as well as a continuous player that I sleep with during the night.

I have gone from an almost total self-destructive disability, to working two days a week now. I even learned that one of the patients I cared for recently, also sees Dr.Enescu, when I said the “Everyday Logo” to her, she said you see him too, Huh? As a health professional, I was ALWAYS helping others, I now thank you for helping me to learn how to help myself. Thanx Doc & Thanx Eldon

Stephanie Perez
I purchased a few of your programs and I am now a firm believer.
One of the titles I Purchased was the Genius Learning Series. I had a huge Anatomy test and felt I really needed some extra help. So as I studied I listened to the cd. I am proud to say I passed and didn’t miss one question on the test. My instructors and the other students were so impressed. Thanks for introducing me to such a wonderful study tool.

Brideget Leary
I purchased the Stress in Schools for my 3 year old who was going through astage of her hating her nursery which is attached to her Pre-Pre School. I began to dread the journey and her crying ‘i don’t want to go to school mummy’ especially as i realised that i would have that journey to that school until she was 13. I now play the Stress in School CD on the way to school and all i know is that i now have a calm happy little girl who according to her teachers has blossomed and more interactive and socialable. I’ve since purchased many other Innertalk CDS and my life has changed. I constantly talk about these CDS to anyone who will listen. At first I was quite sceptical but now a firm believer that they work.
N J (Erie, PA)
Dear InnerTalk-just a quick note to tell you that a few months ago I purchased one of your weight loss audio tapes…I’m definitely a believer in this technology. I’ve lost over 40 pounds without the diet mentality of feeling (at all) deprived. I’ve got another 20-25 pounds to go and feel utterly optimistic about continuing. Thank you so much for empowering me to accomplish this so effortlessly. Many thanks again!
June Galea
I promised I would email you. You recall you sent me a healing CD recently? Well I would like to tell you what happened.

You were aware I broke my leg and being ‘ancient’ (well the consultant seems to think I am) there was some concern over the healing. It was rather a nasty break and it was thought that pinning was the best answer. I resisted this and got your CD instead. That was two weeks ago. Since then the tape has not been off – twenty four hours a day it has played. I recently went back to see the consultant and he seemed somewhat puzzled and queried when I broke the leg. I told him and he checked the date of the X-rays. He remained somewhat puzzled so I was sent for a further X-ray.

When I got back to see the consultant I asked to see both the first and the latest X-ray. The break is healed. I am not saying it is healed enough to stand on but the break is clearly healed. This was a bad break and the consultant is somewhat puzzled at the speed of healing – well considering I am ‘ancient’.

I am not at all puzzled. I attribute this healing to the CD and would like to thank you for your help. As you know I have purchased other CD’s from you and I look forward to similar success with them.

I would also like to thank you, personally Michelle for all your help and sympathy.

Joan Lewis, Cambridge , U.K.
“My son has in the past suffered terribly from being bullied at school. We started using Dr. Taylor’s Whole Brain® InnerTalk® program on ‘Soaring Self Esteem’ and I am so pleased to tell you that he not only doesn’t have any problems with bullying; he is confident, happy and his grades have shot up. Thank you.”
Elizabeth Peyton-Jones BA Hons, ND, Dip. Herb London Tel: 0207 5894284
“I am a herbalist and a naturopath and I use Dr. Taylor’s Whole Brain® InnerTalk® programs in my clinic. It always makes me smile after a consultation when a client leaves saying that just seeing and being with me made them feel so much better. I am sure that the majority of this is attributed to the fact that I have the program ‘Accelerated Healing and Wellbeing’ playing. As well as improving their state of mind it also boosts my health and gives me balance and focus and makes me be ready for my patients.”
Desiree Warren, Marlow, Buckinghamshire , U.K.
“As a busy company director and contributor to the community, who also happens to be a mother of four, I have a pretty full schedule that I usually enjoy, I found Dr. Taylor’s Whole Brain® InnerTalk® program on ‘Serenity’ really helped me through the other times when it could have been a bit too frazzling. I feel relaxed and in control and find that my productivity is improved. I now share Dr. Taylor’s programs with my friends, family and business associates.”
Roberta Truscott, R.N., B.S.N., B.C.I.A. certified, Coeur d Alene , ID
“Thank you. Dr. Taylor’s programs are excellent and have brought comfort and healing to numerous clients.”
Emilio Lomas, M.D. Lomas Clinic , Mexico City.
“I was in incontractible pain and going downhill fast. Nothing I or my colleagues tried, could do anything to assist. Dr. Taylor Whole Brain® InnerTalk® program on ‘Self-Healing’ is a miracle.”
Shazzie, Rawcreation Ltd., Author of “Detox Your World
“I am so grateful to Dr. Taylor’s Whole Brain® InnerTalk® program for providing the missing link in my life of self-improvement! So many of us have an underlying self-destruction mechanism, don’t we? For me it was procrastination, the inability to finish anything. Well, yesterday I just finished my 400 pages book! Both myself and my customers are having an amazing time with your programs, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the work you are doing.”
Hilary Barrington-Mitchell, C.M.H. C.Hyp. MPNLP L.C. Stockwood, Worcedtershire, U.K. Tel: 01386 792824
“As a qualified psychotherapist, Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and stress consultant, I have been using hypnotherapy in both my own practice and my work with occupational health specialist, the PTh Group Ltd, working alongside consultants, doctors, nurses and fellow complementary therapists at PTH’s new purpose built therapy centre, ‘Waterside’ near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. I see clients with conditions ranging from post-traumatic stress to chronic pain. For many of my client I have found that Dr. Taylor’s Whole Brain® InnerTalk® programs provide invaluable support following treatment or between therapy sessions. The results have been astounding.”
Major Philip S. Porter, Ph. D. President, USJA and NJI Colorado Springs, CO
“No one on the National Judo Institute’s team had ever won a national World or Pan Am medal until 1987. When the team began using Dr. Taylor’s Whole Brain® InnerTalk® programs as part of their training, the team’s skills increased so dramatically that they went on to win 6 Pan Am medals, one World Medal and two National Medals. NJI members went on to fill half the spots on the 1992 Olympic team!”(The US Judo team succeeded in winning 1 gold, 3 silvers and 2 bronzes from this Olympic Meet.)

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