Our philosophy is one of self-responsibility. You are the results of what you think. InnerTalk® is a Patented Thought Modification technology created by Progressive Awareness Research, Inc. (PAR). The founder believes that this technology could facilitate those dealing with such questions as “Who Am I?” The human condition has not yet begun to tap the powers of the mind, let alone understand them. Mind is at least a field capable of interacting with matter at a great distance and as remarkable as it might sound, able to excite DNA molecules leading to their manifestation in the body. Indeed, the mind/body connection is now so well established that conventional wisdom embodies this teaching in formal education.

The limits of the mind, whatever they might be, are on the other side of our present understanding. The frontiers of the mind are still being explored. A relentless stream of research continues to demonstrate remarkable facts that brighten the future for all who would take the time and invest the energy in training their mind to work for them, not against them. “Mind as healer-mind as slayer,” is almost an axiom. Your thoughts are truly things. Each of us truly possesses a co-creative power that has been ignored by most for recorded history. Every new discovery sheds new light, albeit often this new understanding is an ancient and formerly mystical or metaphysical tenant.

“ With love & light
- from all of us.

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