The universe begins in the mind. Everything begins as an idea. All that you can ever be or do must first be a possibility in the mind.

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Dear InnerTalk mobile app users,
We are sorry to inform that, due to constant & fast upgrading of various mobile operating systems, InnerTalk mobile app will be discontinued. We apologize for any inconveniences caused. 
For more information & assistance, please call 03-61517799 / 03-61589900.

親愛的InnerTalk 手機程式用戶,
我們很遺憾地宣告,由於手機操作系統不斷快速更新,InnerTalk 手機程式將停止運作與使用。
對於所造成的不便,謹此致以萬二分的歉意。更多詳情與協助,請聯繫 03-61517799 / 03-61589900。

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